Be A Meat Master!

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Lee Kerry rates meat as one of the best baits to catch a big weight of fish. Here’s how he uses this often overlooked bait.

In recent years, commercial anglers have gone pellet mad. All too often I see anglers with nothing but pellets on their side tray. This means many of us have lost sight of the baits that we started with when targeting big catches, and one of the best is meat!

Luncheon meat has been an established fish catcher for many years, it has completely different properties to pellets, and as such brings a completely different response. I have had times when meat simply hasn’t worked, but on those days that it does, it is simply unbeatable.

First of all I want to talk a little about when meat works, I think when to open the meat tins is the most common conundrum that many match anglers face.

Basically, you can catch fish on meat all year round. In fact I have seen big carp catches taken in the middle of winter. But generally, meat is more effective when the water starts to warm up and then cool down.

From personal experience, when water temperatures start to rise coming out of winter, meat can be deadly. Is it because fish are looking for a high energy source? Or do they just fancy something they haven’t seen all winter? We don’t really know, but I know that from April to June, meat can definitely outscore other baits.