Choosing the Correct Feeder

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Ladies National and Fish ‘O’ Mania Champion Emma Pickering explains which feeders she favours and the secrets to using them successfully.


Allows you to present a concentrated amount of groundbait or pellets with the option to bury your hookbait so when the fish home in your bait is directly in the middle of the feed, which means quicker bites and more fish. Excellent in the summer months for carp when used in conjunction with a Quick Release Method Mould.  
Available in small, large and XL as Inline and Elasticated


Very similar to the Method Feeder but easier to load and fish with. I call it the little dinner plate and it is particularly effective in the winter months as you can regulate the amount of bait that goes in. Again, ideal for use with the mould and can be devastating in deeper water for carp, skimmers and F1’s. Available in small and large as Inline and Elasticated

distance cage FEEDER

My first choice for long range bream fishing. The bottom mounted weight is aerodynamic and will cut through any cross wind and land directly where you aim. The groundbait and particles will then release quickly from the cage once in the water meaning you are instantly fishing when the feeder has landed.

Available in small, medium and large

Wire cage FEEDER

I use this set up for conventional feeder fishing on traditional venues. Large amounts of particles can be introduced and loose feed and groundbait releases quickly. The feeder is free running onto a Quick Change Bead in conjunction with hooklengths from 12” to 4ft and I normally target bream and roach with this approach.

Available in small, medium, large and XL

sticky FEEDER

You can use pellets or maggots with these feeders and personally I use Sonubaits Stiki Pellet to enhance the performance with both baits. When the feeder is in the water it pushes through the holes and disperses the bait quicker which means it is equally effective on rivers for barbel or commercial venues for carp.  Available in small, large and XL as Inline and Elasticated


Similar to the Sticky Feeder but without the holes, so I use this predominately for deeper water. I fill the feeder 3/4 full then put hookbait in and cover with more bait and press in. You can also use different size pellets as required and this approach normally results in instant bits as the fish attack the feeder. Perfect for F1’s. 
Available in micro, small, large and XL sizes as Inline and Elasticated