Fit a Roller Pulla Bush

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A side entry PTFE bush which also features an integrated PTFE roller for ultra-smooth flow of elastic through your kit when playing fish. We have three products in the range to cover all eventualities which makes choosing the right option simple. The Roller Wheel situated on the inside of the pole is made from PTFE, the same super smooth, easy flowing material that your pole tip bushes are made from. This material, coupled with the roller system allows your elastic to be pulled effortlessly out of the pole, cutting down the friction on your elastic and reducing the amount of wear. This means your elastic will be kept in better condition for longer! 

It allows the elastic to be held away from the walls of your top kits, by centralising the elastic in the kit, you have less worry about it rubbing against the pole and not working smoothly. This is vital, especially with lighter elastics, to ensure that every fish you hook reaches the net.

Roller Pulla Kit one

Kit one is the larger diameter of the two. This kit is compatible with the Pro Type pole range, but also features a long reinforced section to enable you to cut the pole down to fit other poles on the market. The internal diameter of Kit One is 22mm. 

Roller Pulla Kit two

Kit Two, the smaller diameter, is designed to fit the GXR and GiS pole ranges. The internal diameter of the kit is 18mm and this too offers the longer reinforced section to enable it to be cut to fit other poles on the market.

Each kit is reinforced and can be cut back to fit a wide range of poles.
Compatible with Maver, Daiwa, MAP, Sensas and many more.


Roller Pulla Bush

The third option in the Rolla Pulla range is the Rolla Pulla Bush. If you already have existing Kits for your pole and would like to convert them to the Rolla Pulla System, these separate bushes are for you. We recommend that you seek professional fitting available from most tackle shops or pole repairers. 

how to: fit the roller pulla bush

please note: Must be fitted to a suitably reinforced area of your top kit

1. The Roller Pulla Bush is simple to fit. We recommend the use of the Roller Pulla Drilla Kit to achieve a perfect location hole. If in doubt, fitting may be available at your local tackle shop or pole repairer.

2. Mark the desired location on the reinforced area of your top kit and carefully drill a pilot hole, around 4mm is ideal. Take care not to drill though the opposite side of your kit!


3. Alternatively you can use the existing hole from an original Pulla Kit. Simply remove the PTFE bush and follow the steps on the opposite page.


4. Using a 10mm grinding bit, open out the hole and sand any rough edges lightly with emery cloth or fine sandpaper.


5. Remove the PTFE bush from the Roller Pulla Bush and rotate slowly in to the hole so when located the roller is facing towards the tip of your top kit.


6. Locate the PTFE bush into the housing to ‘lock’ the assembly in to place. Now elasticate as usual securing the elastic against the Roller Pulla Bush with the bead provided.