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Innovations is renowned for its quality and expertise both in the UK and further afield. It's no surprise to see at the top of the Europe’s leading angling brands.

The company, founded by David in 1984, now has several brands. Korum, Avid Carp and Sonubaits as well as its Netherlands-based Primo Distribution, which handles the company’s sales across Europe make up the portfolio of brands under the Innovations umberella.

For the Coarse Angler there's the Korum Brand - aimed at specimen chasers targetting bream, roach, perch, and with Korum Snapper – Pike! There's also a large carp product range in the Korum arsenal. From chairs, bivvies and brollies, through to specimen end-tackle and rods there's something in the range for all fresh-water anglers.

At Avid Carp the focus is on those serious carp anglers. The range of products on offer are specifically designed and developed by some of the most dedicated carp anglers in the U.K. and Europe.  

Avid Carp have an ever expanding range of innovative carp tackle products. Everything from the hook, through the end tackle and down to the reel. With luggage, bivvies and bed chairs all getting a place in this quality line-up.

Check out the Avid Carp website to see the range...

Sonubaits is at the very forefront of providing bait for the Modern Angler.

Creating high quality fishing bait is about listening to leading anglers requirements on how they want a bait to perform for their specific requirements and the reasons why. Then with our extensive sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, knowledge of ingredients and fish behaviour, we set about developing bait to satisfy their demands and therefore the needs of all modern anglers.

All our baits go through extensive testing by some of the best anglers in the UK and Europe before their release to ensure that the quality of them is unsurpassed.

On the Sonubaits.com website you will be able to keep up to date with what our anglers are catching, and tips on what tactics they are using, there is also plenty of information on the products along with regular competitions and a list of stockists.