Knockout Cup Final 2014!

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Andy Power vs Geoff Vallance

The Final

Following six hard-fought rounds, two Innovations anglers went head to head in the final for the 2nd year running. This time it was Andy Power vs Geoff Vallance. Who would end up as champion?

The Setting

The Knockout Cup is held as one of the most prestigious events in the match fishing calendar, featuring over 100 of match angling’s elite whittled down over five qualifying rounds, leaving four anglers in the two-day final. Held at the extremely scenic and fish filled, Docklow Pools, this was sure to be a great match.

Meanwhile, Geoff Vallance was fishing a short line, feeding hemp and fishing with meat on the hook. Another finalist, Rob Wooton looked to be catching lots of fish, but Gary Miller had fallen behind slightly going into the last hour.
A switch to his margin line saw Andy catch five big carp to add to his tally! Andy managed to put 137lb 14oz onto the scales to book his place in the day two match. He was closely followed in 2nd place by Geoff Vallance, who weighed in with 132lb 4oz, taking the second spot in the day two match.
Day Two
The venue would change for the second day. Mickey Mouse lake would be the scene of the final day. Unlike previous years, where the two finalists would be pegged next to each other, a change would be made allowing the anglers a choice of pegs. Geoff drew peg 8, a peg that is familiar to the Knockout Cup and also the peg that sealed Micheal Buchwalder’s victory in 2013.
Andy drew peg 20. On the opposite bank to Geoff, next to the bridge. This peg could produce a big weight, but the talk on the bank was that carp would be needed to win.
Both anglers started the match by fishing with meat on the waggler. Both anglers opting for an Adjustable Dura Waggler to offer maximum bite indication. After only a few minutes Andy, with some advice from his bank runner, Lee Edwards, came off the waggler line to concentrate on the short pole.