Licence to Krill

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I have been experimenting further with Sonu’s Krill groundbait and the Krill feed pellets at the prolific Lindholme commercial complex near Doncaster.

Lindholme is one of my more regular venues these days and I have discovered there that there are some days the F1s become so obsessive about the Sonu Krill groundbait that they literally boil, coming out of the water as soon as you pot in some of the groundbait in runny, cloudy form.

This behaviour does not happen with any other groundbaits, so there must be something about Sonu Krill groundbait that they find particularly appealing.

At Lindholme you are not allowed to throw groundbait in, so it is a case of cupping groundbait in via a pole pot.

But another thing I have noticed is that when the F1s tune in to the Sonu Krill groundbait, they can appear to lose interest in everything else, so I think it is very important to add some feed pellets to the Sonu Krill groundbait slop, and by doing this you can then catch the F1s on your pole rig.

I like to use the Tyson 2 pole float in a .2g size a foot to a foot-and-a-half deep and you can’t beat a PR36 hook, with a micro band tied to a short hair, so that the pellet sits just underneath the bend of the hook.

Elastic-wise, a 9H Hollo is perfect for F1s, teamed with rigs using main line diameters between 0.11mm and 0.13, using Reflo Power. Ideal if a bonus big carp comes along, too.

Give Sonu Krill groundbait a go. As far as F1s and carp are concerned, it's the best thing since sliced bread.