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Re-spooling a reel

Tommy Pickering / How to fill your spool with line

Here’s a guide to re-spooling your reel – a great skill for any angler to have under their belt. Tommy Pickering shows us his technique.

1.Place your reel on the butt section of your rod and screw down tight. Open the bail arm of the reel and remove the spool.

2.Pass the reel line through the first eye on the rod butt down towards the reel.

3.Attatch the line to your spool using the knot of your choice.

4.Pull the knot down tight at the base of the empty spool and place the it back onto the reel.

5.Close the bail arm, hold the line in your fingers and slowly wind the line onto the spool filling it to just inside the lip on the spool. Anymore and the line will spill off the spool.

6.The finished article should look like this, you are now ready to fish!