Score With Silvers

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England International, Des Shipp reveals his secrets to catching a net full of silvers on running water venues.

Lots of anglers shy away from fishing on rivers because they think it can be complicated and difficult, add this to a possible long walk to your peg and you can see why commercial fisheries are so popular.

The reality is that rivers can provide incredible sport and you don’t have to pick the peg furthest away from the car park for good sport. The fishing is very simple and by reading this bit of advice, you too could end up with a netful of silver fish.
Perfect Plumbing
Once you’ve set up your pole and your box, the most important part is to plumb up correctly. Along with every other type of fishing you do, this could be the difference between a bumper day or struggling for bites.
Use the heaviest plummet that you can find, this will help you to read the bottom easier than with a smaller plummet. You will also be fighting the flow of the water.
Spend time plumbing around the swim, look for obstructions on the bottom or changes in depth. You will be running your rig downstream and if the river shallows up your hookbait can catch on the bottom, decreasing the efficiency of your rig.
Getting Riggy
I’m fishing on a fairly deep river with slow flow today. I’ve opted for a 1.5g PT Series 7 float, this has a round body, allowing me to hold the float back slightly if I need to. It also has a wire stem to keep the float stable in the water.