Sunshine Success

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England Feeder Team manager, Tommy Pickering shows how you can win more matches, and catch more fish this summer!

The Banjo Feeder has caught Tommy countless fish!
I soak a bag of 2mm Fin Perfect Feed Pellets in water for a couple of minutes and leave them to fully absorb the water. They will soon compact into the feeder and not come out on the cast!
My hookbait of choice is a 6mm Fin Perfect Feed Pellet. I don’t need to soak my hookbaits, just use them straight from the bag!
In summer, I won’t leave the feeder in the water for over three minutes. This allows me to build up the swim with bait even if I don’t catch a fish. Fish in summer will want to eat a lot of bait and the pellets that you put into the swim using your feeder will be what holds the fish when they arrive.
Drop the Bomb
When fishing in open water and I’m looking to catch carp, I like to use the bomb and pellet. I’m the first to admit that this isn’t a very exciting tactic, but it is one that’s very effective on the right day. This is also one of the most simple ways of fishing that I can think of!
Dont underestimate the power of the 'Bomb'!
The rig is extremely easy to tie. A Link Swivel slides on my 6lb Power Max reel line. This is stopped by a Korum Quickchange Bead, to which I attach an 18” hooklength of 0.15mm Reflo Power. To the link swivel I will attach a bomb, the size of which will depend on how far I need to cast. I’ll always fish within range of my catapult and match my hookbait to the free offerings.
A short rod such as the 10’ Mini Plus, or for more distance the 10’ 6” Mini Plus, are ideal for commercial fisheries. They have a very forgiving through-action to absorb the lunges of a hooked fish under the rod tip, essential when fishing with a bomb. The heavy bomb swinging around above the hooklength can sometimes work as a disadvantage, but by using a softer rod it will stop fish coming off.
Tommy loves the 10ft 6' Mini Plus Feeder !
I tie my hooklengths at 18” using 0.15mm or 0.17mm depending on the size of the fish that I’m targeting, coupled with a PR 36 hook in either a size 16 or 18. It allow the pellets to slowly fall through the last bit of the water and can often be picked up before the pellet hits the lake bed.
I will keep a steady stream of pellets going in over the top. For F1’s and smaller carp, or when fishing closer in I will use 6mm Fin Perfect Feed Pellets as both hookbaits and for feeding, but when fishing further out or when carp over 5lb are the target, I’ll opt for 8mm pellets.
In summary
Both of these methods are tried and trusted, used by a number of highly successful match anglers. By following this simple advice you will soon be putting more carp into your net! Remember to keep casting and feeding regularly to pull the fish into your swim.
Commercial carp will associate the noise with food, this could just be the difference between a match win or becoming just another name on the weigh sheet!