Tommy's Top 6 Winter Bomb Fishing Tips

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1- Soft Rod
I always try and use as soft a rod as I can get away with when I'm targeting carp in the winter. The Competition Pro 9ft and 10ft are perfect for winter feeder fishing. The fish don't fight as hard and you need to make sure every fish hooked ends up in the net. It's good for catching a mixture of fish too, I don't run the risk of bumping any F1's or skimmers with a soft rod.

2- The Power Of Corn
Corn has always been one of my favourite hookbaits when I'm fishing on commercials in the wintertime. It's bright visual colour always seems to produce the goods. The Sonubaits F1 Corn has a sweet F1 smell and has that bit of extra attraction to ordinary sweetcorn. Don't be afraid to freeze it too, one tin of corn will last me several matches!

3- Hook Choice & Size
Bites can be scarce in winter, so you want a hook that's up to the job and won't let you down. A size 16 or 18 PR27 has been working wonders for me this winter. These are a relatively thin wire hook, but super strong and razor sharp.

4- Hooklength's
My go to length of hooklength is 30cm's of 0.11 or 0.13mm Reflo Power. A foot hooklength always does the trick for me. I've found a foot hooklength be the optimum length, its long enough to keep the hookbait away from my bomb, but short enough to register a bite.

5- Drop the Bomb!
The new Match Leads from Innovations cover all of my bomb fishing. There are three types of match leads. The Match cube's are my personal favourite. A lot of my fishing in the winter is done at Lindholme Lakes, where I am usually fishing up to an island. This is where the Match Cube come's in handy. The square shape doesn't roll down the sloping island. So, when my bomb hits the bottom it stays there. And, remember DON'T MOVE THE FEEDER, well bomb in this case.

6- Keep Warm
The weather in the UK is challenging to say the least. The gale force wind and torrential rains can be unbearable to sit in at times. I always bring a flask of tea along with me, it's amazing how many times you get a pull when your in the middle of pouring a brew! I use a brolly to try and block the majority of the wind and rain, it just gives me that extra bit of protection and keeps me a few degrees warmer.

So, there you have it, my 'Top 6 Winter Bomb Tips'. I know the weather is a bit dodgy at this time of the year but get out there and give my tips a try. They'll definitely help put a few more fish in your net this winter.