Winning Rigs!

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Keep it simple, catch more fish!


One thing in match fishing that can easily be over complicated is the rig. Whether it is for feeder, float or pole fishing, lots of anglers over-engineer their terminal tackle adding in all sorts of knots swivels and other unnecessary components. Take a look a most top anglers’ rigs and one thing will be evident - simplicity.


The rig is designed to present the bait in the most natural way possible and anything that may compromise this is unnecessary and may even be detrimental to how the rig performs. Another common theme with rigs is that anglers, such as Des Shipp and Lee Kerry, will quite often use the same one for a multitude of applications and this ultimately allows them to learn to read the rig and convert more indications into fish in the keepnet.


Using a rig regularly means you can understand how it works and use it to your advantage.

Here is a selection of our stars’ rigs which they have used to win countless matches up and down the country. Simple and effective.


Lake Rig - lee kerry


This is Lee’s ‘go to’ rig for natural venue fishing which he utilises to devastating effect on stillwaters, and canals across Europe. It is also the rig that has accounted for many victories on his favourite Stainforth and Keadby Canal. Perfect for roach, skimmers and bream when used in conjunction with maggots, pinkies and bloodworm.


What You Need;

1x PT Series 6 FLOAT

no.9 super soft shot

size 20 PR311

no.10 droppers


0.07mm REFLO precision POWER


Waggler Rig - Scott Geens


This rig has been employed by Scott to record wins on many UK rivers. Particularly effective on fast flowing waters such as the Severn and the Wye and when targeting big fish such as chub and barbel. In the right conditions this rig will often outscore a feeder approach when used in with loose fed maggots, casters and hemp.


What You Need;

Peacock Waggler

0.16mm REFLO POWER max clear


AAA locking shot

no.8 Shot size

16 pr 344

no.12 micro swivel


Hemp Rig - Michael Buchwalder’s


Michael’s hemp rig is all about sensitivity and has accounted for wins on various slow moving rivers and drains. Particularly successful on the notoriously difficult but fish filled Warwickshire Avon where presentation is the key to catching the resident roach. It can also be used with bread punch and maggots.


What You Need

1x 4x12 chianti

1x size 20 pr 311 18x no.12 super soft shot 0.06mm & 0.08mm REFLO POWER


Shallow Rig - Andy Power


Andy is almost unbeatable when shallow carp fishing is the approach and he feels his unique rig gives him the edge. Incorporating an olivette it allows him to swing the rig directly towards the fish when ‘mugging’ and makes an exaggerated fish attracting splash when used as a conventional shallow rig with hair rigged pellet or meat.


what you will need


1x 0.3g OLIVETTE


1x no.10 Shot

1x size 16 pr 36

6mm PELLET & DURA BAND 0.13mm & 0.17mm REFLO POWER


Deep Rig- Des Shipp


Des always keeps his rigs simple and none more so than his standard commercial rig with a bulk of Stotz and two droppers. With balanced mainline and hooklength and a sensible hook it allows him to catch fish after fish with little chance of tangling allowing him to maximise his time at his peg. This rig has notched up countless wins on a variety of baits.


What You Need;

  • 1x PB Inter 2 Float
  • 1x size 16 PR456
  • No.10 DROPPERS
  • No. 8 STOTZ
  • 0.15mm & 0.13mm Reflo Power


Feeder Rig- Tommy Pickering


The feeder rig that has accounted for more fish than he can remember. Versatility is the key as the Feeder Bead allows Tommy to change his feeder in as instant should conditions change. Likewise the Quick Change Bead allows him to swap hooklengths. Often employed with groundbait, worms and casters for big bags of bream and skimmers.

  • Distance Cage Feeder
  • 0.20mm Reflo Power Max
  • 0.12mm Precision Power
  • Korum Quick Change Bead
  • 1x Size 16 PR355