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Sponsor Dutch National Feeder Team

Innovations Sign Dutch National Feeder Team Sponsorship!

We're very pleased to announce that we have secured the sponsorship of the Dutch National Feeder Team. This means that Innovations now sponsors the two top ranked feeder teams in the world!

This is a massive strive for Innovations, showing the leading match brands increasing and expanding dominance across Europe. We're confident that with our continued support both the England, and now Dutch Feeder Teams success will only improve.

The Dutch Feeder team has an outstanding track record at the World Feeder Championships. Including an overall Gold and two Bronze team medals!

Innovations' European Director Pascal Vermeulen commented on the sponsorship; ‘I’m very pleased that Innovations have successfully secured the sponsorship of the Dutch National Feeder Team. This is something I’ve been aiming towards for some time since the World Feeder Championships in Holland 2 years ago. It think it is a great tool to promote the brand and the sport throughout Europe.’

The Dutch National Feeder squad includes some of the worlds finest feeder anglers; Ramon Ansing, Frank van der Schaft, Ben van Ek and Marco Hofman, as well as s own Arnout Van De Stadt and Theo Leijrik.

The Innovations England and Dutch Feeder teams will be compeitng in Portugal later this year, for the sixth World Feeder Championships. Both England and the Netherlands have won gold in the Championships. We wouldn't bet agianst one of them doing exactly that this year. We'll be bringing you the latest reports from Portugal, hopeuflly reporting on another gold medal for one of the Feeder Titans!

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