Dura Hollo Elastic

Manufactured to exacting standards using an upgraded core material, Dura Hollo Elastic boasts increased wear resistance which is ideal for warmer conditions and offers super smooth performance in a range of six sizes to suit a wide variety of fishing situations. Comes in 3m lengths.

HELD08    Dura Hollo Size 8      Blue
HELD10    Dura Hollo Size 10    Green
HELD12    Dura Hollo Size 12    Purple
HELD14    Dura Hollo Size 14    Dark Blue
HELD16    Dura Hollo Size 16    Yellow
HELD18    Dura Hollo Size 18    Black

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Code Description
HELD08Dura Hollo Size 8 Blue
HELD10 Dura Hollo Size 10 Green
HELD12Dura Hollo Size 12 Purple
HELD14 Dura Hollo Size 14 Dark Blue
HELD16Dura Hollo Size 16 Yellow
HELD18 Dura Hollo Size 18 Black