Dutch Master Sentient 11' 8

Developed in conjunction with Dutch International feeder angler Arnout Van Der Stadt the new Dutchmaster Sentient rods boast all of the features of their predecessors and have been designed using technological advancements that have facilitated increased sensitivity without compromising the casting ability of the blanks. With two new lengths in the range all rods are now supplied with four carbon quiver tips.

This is the ultimate short range skimmer rod, ideal for spotting the fastest of bites its forgiving action is perfect for playing fish with small hooks and light lines. But it is deceptively strong and more than capable of punching out a fully loaded groundbait feeder and playing large bonus fish.

Rod Specifications

  • Assembled Length – 3550mm
  • Transport Length – 1550mm
  • Product Weight – 190g
  • Line Rating – 3lb – 6lb
  • No. of rings – 8 + quiver tip 6
  • Handle Material – Cork

Dutch Master Sentient Tips

  • DMS/TIP01 - 1/2oz Ultra Light (White)
  • DMS/TIP02 - 3/4oz Light (Red)
  • DMS/TIP03 - 1oz Medium-Light (Orange)
  • DMS/TIP04 - 1.5oz Medium (Yellow)
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