Edge Monster 10m Margin Pole


Supplied at 10m with its mini extension, the Edge Monster 10m Margin Pole is constructed from quality carbon fibre and is strong enough to extract large carp from the margins while having the balance to fish at its full length for carp and F1’s where the extra 10m length can really help to reach those areas that are usually out of range for a conventional margin pole. The Pole includes a spare Power top 2 kit in addition to the one included in the pole, both of which are virtually ready to fish with a Roller Pulla Bush and a PTFE bush fitted. The complete package is supplied in PVC tubes for safe transit.



1 x 10m Edge Monster Margin Pole (Inc Mini Extension)

1 x Spare Roller Pulla Power Top 2 Kit

1 x Pole Holdall with Tubes

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P0240055Edge Monster Margin Pole 10m