Elasticated Flat Method Feeder

Very similar to the In-Line Flat Method Feeder in both size and construction but elasticated for shock absorbing fish-playing.

The flat-bottomed design ensures they always land the correct way up with the bait at the top of the groundbait or moulded pellet ball.

The light brown/translucent colour blends in with both groundbait and the bottom.



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Code Description
FMFE/S15Small 15g
FMFE/S30Small 30g
FMFE/L15 Large 15g
FMFE/L30 Large 30g
FMFE/L45Large 45g
FMFE/L60Large 60g
FMFE/L80Large 80g
FMFE/xl30X Large - 30g
FMFE/xl45X Large - 45g
QRMM/SMethod Mould Small
QRMM/LMethod Mould Large
QRMM/XLMethod Mould X-Large
FMFE/S45Small - 45g