EVA net Bag

The ultimate stink bag!

Makes transporting your nets a much more enjoyable and bearable experience. We've chosen waterproof EVA material, and to prevent leaks all the seams are fully welded. This means you can simply leave the bank with wet nets after a day's fishing, safe in the knowledge that any residule draining water will be collected in the bag - not your car boot!

To make it as easy as posible to get set up on the bank, and pack up after a session, we've designed the EVA Net Bag with a Zip Top. This provides easy access when handling wet nets.

There are shorter carry handles for quick maneuvers on your peg, but for longer haul journeys we've also added the adjustable shoulder strap, leaving your hands free to carry other items or push your Shuttle.

Perfect for carrying two keepnets and two landing net heads, it's a must-have item of fishing tackle for all anglers.

  • Manufactured from waterproof EVA, with fully welded seams
  • Perfect for transporting wet nets and holds water preventing your car getting wet 
  • Zip top, carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Holds two keepnets and two landing net heads

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