Internal PTFE Bushes

The Internal PTFE Bushes are constructed from a very high quality PTFE for superior elastic flow and performance.

The bushes are uniquely shaped to allow elastic to flow freely from the end of the pole section.

The Internal PTFE Bushes come in nine different sizes from 1.5mm right through to 4.8mm, covering a diverse range of fishing situations.

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Code Description
P0020046Internal PTFE Bush - 1.5mm
P0020047Internal PTFE Bush - 1.8mm
P0020048Internal PTFE Bush - 2.2mm
P0020049 Internal PTFE Bush - 2.8mm
P0020050 Internal PTFE Bush - 3.2mm
P0020051Internal PTFE Bush - 3.7mm
P0020052 Internal PTFE Bush - 4.0mm
P0020053Internal PTFE Bush - 4.4mm
P0020054 Internal PTFE Bush - 4.8mm