The Island float has been designed to be fished in shallow water tight across to islands or in the nearside margins.

The floats short dumpy body and stem is perfect for fishing in very shallow water, but the floats thick tip and buoyant body will also cope with depths of up to 3/4ft. 

The larger versions 4x14 and 4x16 are particularly effective when fishing very tight to the bank where you want to get plenty of shot down the line and avoid line bites.

The float is strengthened tremendously with the inline system. This reduces the chance of the eye being ripped out. This inline body is essential when fishing up to far bank reeds, rushes and snags.


- Sizes - 4x12 to 4x16

- Tip Diameter - 2.0mm

- Tip Material - Hollow Plastic

- Body Material - Rohacell Foam

- Stem Material - Glass

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Code Description
DS7/12Island - 4x12
DS7/14Island - 4x14
DS7/16Island - 4x16