Line Safe Plummet

A brand new concept in plummet design which eliminates any potential line damage when plumbing up. The centrally located channel protects your hook length from external obstructions and avoids kinking as the line hangs straight and the hook is held securely in place by the durable foam insert that has been specifically designed to eliminate any hook blunting, but still retain it's structure and longevity.

Perfect for precision plumbing, which is essential when fishing at ‘dead depth’, the flat bottomed design with large surface area allows you to ‘read’ the contours of your peg accurately.

Available in four sizes: 15g, 20g, 30g and 45g.

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Code Description
PLUM/15 Line Safe Plummet - 15g
PLUM/20 Line Safe Plummet - 20g
PLUM/30 Line Safe Plummet - 30g
PLUM/45 Line Safe Plummet - 45g