Monster Pellet Wetter

The Monster Pellet Wetter allows you to regulate the time pellets are soaked for, creating perfect feed pellets every time. Can be used for any size of pellet but is particularly effective with micros and 4mm’s which can quite easily be ‘over wetted’.

“Perfect Pellets in just 1 minute!”

Preparing pellets is one thing that continues to confuse anglers across the world... How long should you leave them soaking for? What's the best way to soak them? Well, the Monster Pellet Wetter eradicates all of the confusion, simply fill the EVA bowl with water, pour the required amount of pellets into the pellet bag and submerge for 1 minute*, remove pellet bag, shake off excess water and pour pellets into a bait box. Simplicity itself!

*When used in conjunction with Sonubaits Fin Perfect Feed Pellets. Please note that other pellets may require different soaking periods.

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EVA/15Monster Pellet Wetter