Pelletpults have been designed with commercial fisheries in mind, specifically for feeding pellets.

The flat bottomed pouch ensures the pellets are tightly grouped when feeding and the dual PTFE bushes built into the frame maintain twist free performance.

Two different sizes cover all feeding requirements from 4mm to 10mm pellets. Can also be used for conventional baits such as maggots and casters.

" innovations Pellet Pult - Sometimes the best ideas are the most simple and these Pellet Pults prove that."

The new pouch design has a moulded flat base that groups pellets with incredible accuracy - A simple tweak that gives excellent results. They are available in two sizes and are sure to be a massive hit.


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Code Description
pcat/01Small - 4-8mm
pcat/02Large - 6-10mm
PCAT/03Pelletpult Spare Elastic Small - 4-8MM
PCAT/04Pelletpult Spare Elastic Large - 6-10mm
PCAT/05Pelletpult Spare Pouch Small 4-8MM
PCAT/06Pelletpult Spare Pouch Large 6-10mm

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