The out-turned eye of the PR36 has been developed to improve hooking performance when using hair-rigs, the knotless knot and small hooks (size 10 and smaller). 

The knotless knot is the easiest way to make a hair-rig and it produces an angle at the eye of the hook that can improve hooking performance, especially on larger hooks. But when the knot is used on smaller hooks with a straight eye, the angle is too great and this can actually impair hooking efficiency. 

The point of the straight-eyed carp hook is almost at 90° to the angle of pull whereas the point of the PR36 is more in-line with the angle of pull. This is because the PR36 has a slightly out-turned eye. 

In fishing situations this means that when a fish picks up the bait and moves off the point is more exposed and more likely to prick the fish. Once this happens the fish bolts, or you strike, and the hook penetrates immediately.  

Barbless eyed hook with out-turned eye. Ideal for hair-rigging for match carp.

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Code Description
PR36-10PR36 size 10
PR36-12PR36 size 12
PR36-14PR36 size 14
PR36-16PR36 size 16
PR36-18PR36 size 18
PR36-20PR36 size 20
PR36-22PR36 size 22

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