PT series 6

For fishing still or slow moving water. Pear shaped body and long stable wire stem with a sensitive fibre tip. Large sizes are perfect for deep water roach fishing.

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Code Description
PT6/0.4PT Series 6 0.4g
PT6/0.6PT Series 6 0.6g
PT6/0.8PT Series 6 0.8g
PT6/1.0PT Series 6 1.0g
PT6/1.25PT Series 6 1.25g
PT6/1.5PT Series 6 1.5g
PT6/2.0PT Series 6 2.0g
PT6/2.5PT Series 6 2.5g
PT6/3.0PT Series 6 3.0g
PT6/4.0PT Series 6 4.0g