Reflo Precision Power

This is the ideal rig and hooklength material, supplied on 50m spools its supple, strong and knots extremely well. We believe this is genuinely one of the best lines available. 50m per spool.

Des Shipp: "Reflo Precision Power is one of the best lines I've ever used, its never let me down, and continues to impress me week in, week out"

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Code Description
PCP/070.07mm - 1.13lb - 0.500kg
PCP/090.09mm - 1.74lb - 0.790kg
PCP/100.10mm - 2.42lb - 1.100kg
PCP/120.12mm - 2.93lb - 1.326kg
PCP/140.14mm - 3.53lb - 1.600kg
PCP/150.15mm - 4.85lb - 2.200kg
PCP/170.17mm - 5.95lb - 2.700kg
PCP/200.20mm - 6.84lb - 3.100kg
PCP/210.21mm - 8.38lb - 3.800kg
PCP/240.24mm - 10.93lb - 4.955kg

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