Response Roller Pulla Power Kit

Our Response Roller Pulla Power kits are designed to give you the angler power, reliability, durability and most importantly confidence!

Perfect for a wide variety of fishing, so whether you fish on commercials, rivers, canals or lakes and target big, powerful fish then you're going to need a top kit that can handle the pressure and is plenty strong enough.

Lots of anglers are a bit conscious and concerned that power kits severely affect a poles balance and rigidity. Well, the Response Roller Pulla Power kit core design combines stiffness and power which increases the poles stiffens and responsiveness.

England International Des Shipp; "I've caught some massive fish on these Response Power kits, they're unbelievably strong and certainly up to the job. I use the Power kits for 90% of my commercial match fishing and when targeting bigger fish on rivers and canals."

  • Pre-bushed with 3mm Internal Slip bush
  • Roller Pulla Bush fitted as standard
  • Reinforced Roller Pulla kit section
  • 2.4m in length
  • Elastic Rating - 20 Solid or 19 Hollo
  • Reinforced female section
  • EVA Alignment cone
  • Internal diameter 18.5mm
  • Bore Diameter 4.7mm
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