Response System Whip

The Response System Whip can be used for a wide variety of angling styles. It's been purposely designed for line to hand fihsing on rivers and stillwaters at it's full 8m length with flick tip fitted this is an ideal option, however it can also be used equally as well for conventional short lining on both natural and commercials venues with elastic.

The tip section of the System Whip can be cut back and fitted with one of our Internal, or External PTFE bushes to accommodate up to a number 12 elastic if required.

The whip is exceptionally light, weighing in at just 283g at it's full length, making it incredibly easy to use all day, even in adverse weather conditions.

The top three kit is telescopic with the remaining sections being take apart which means you can easily change between different lengths without having to dismantle your entire rig.

The Response System Whip is supplied with a flick tip and one spare additional top 3 kit which has a hollow top section, specifically designed to accommodate pole elastic. Two different options to cover all your whip fishing requirements in one system.

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P0240023Response System Whip 8m