Response XS50

The new Response XS50 features several improvements from the popular Response M50. The XS M50 is constructed from 100% Torayca High Performance Japanese Carbon Fibre, culminating in a Stiff, responsive and reliable flagship pole.

The XS poles been developed using the most durable and hard-wearing carbon fibre available, producing an exceptional balance and responsiveness, but most importantly durability. The Response XS range are fully interchangeable with the previous Response range, making them the ideal primary pole for any existing Response pole owners.

The pole measure a true 16M when fitted with the reinforced half extension which is supplied as standard. The poles come supplied with 3 Bi-Conical Mini Extensions in total which fit from the fifth section upwards. These extensions are designed to prevent any potential damage to pole sections when striking into fish at both long and short distances.

Longevity was one of the key improvements we endeavoured to develop into the XS poles. We worked tirelessly with our extremely experienced suppliers to produce the most reliable and hard-wearing poles we could. One key way to increase the longevity of the XS range was the addition of internal and external reinforcements on each section. Which we found over months of testing to significantly increase each individual sections lifespan and reduce damage over a long period of time. The top kits feature the same EVA elastic alignment cones which keeps your elastic away from the internal wall of the kit, eliminating the elastic sticking and working ineffectively. Each top kit comes ready to fish thanks to the pre-bushed genuine Internal PTFE bushes and fitted Roller Pulla Bushes which not only prevents elastic damage, but significantly improves fish playing performance.

The XS50 come supplied with a comprehensive spares package that provides you with more options on the bank. All of the XS top kits measure at what we believe to be the optimum 2,4M length. These top kits offer increased stiffness and extra durability even in the most testing situations.

All sections feature section alignment arrows for maximum efficiency. Shipping in all conditions is assisted by the Easy Ship finish on all sections, along with a new graphite ant-stick butt section coating, ensuring that your fishing will not be compromised, no matter what the weather throws at you. All of the XS range poles pack away into one section at 14.5M, with an additional 16m butt section that comes supplied in a protective tube, as does each individual too kit. The Response XS range is completed with a bespoke Response Pole Holdall. 

XS50 Package

  • 1 x 16M Pole
  • Section 9/10 Half Extension
  • Section 7/8 Bi-Conical Mini Extension
  • Section 5/6 Bi-Conical Mini Extension
  • 1 x Match Top 2 Kits (2.40m)
  • 2 x Roller Pulla F1 Top Kit (2.4m)
  • 4 x Roller Pulla Power Top 2 Kit (2.4m)
  • Kupping Kit with Kups
  • Response Pole Holdall
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