Stora Bungs

Midi Stora Bungs are designed to fit most number 2 sections whilst the larger Maxi Stora Bungs fit most number 3 sections or power number 2 kits. Both can be easily cut back to suit different diameter top kit sections. Both lightweight bungs feature a winder that holds spare elastic making adjustment of elastic tension quick and easy. Available in pairs and singles with an extractor rod, additional extractor rods are now also available in packs of two.

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Code Description
bung10StoraBung, 2 Bungs. Maxi
bung11StoraBung, 2 Bungs. Midi
bung12StoraBung, 1 Bung & 1 Extractor. Maxi
bung13StoraBung, 1 Bung & 1 Extractor. Midi
bung14StoraBung, 2 Extractors