Supera 14' Float

The Supera 14' float rods, similar to the 13' versions come in two strength variants to cover different situations and fishing requirements.

the lighter 4-12g version is suited to smaller sliders and big wagglers, this rod can cast long distances and will pick up line quickly, helping to hit shy bites at range. Super crisp and responsive it’s perfect for mixed fishing. Excellent also on rivers where you can comfortably fish stick floats and wagglers for chub, roach and dace.
The hevaier 8-18g rod is the ultimate distance slider rod. Can be used with large fixed wagglers and sliders up to 18g with confidence, a powerful rod that can be used for all species. Doubles up as an excellent chub and barbel river rod when using speci style wagglers.

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Code Description
P006000314' Float 4-12g - 3 piece
P006000414' Float 8-18g - 3 piece