Supera SL 10ft

The Supera SL 10ft Feeder rod is the perfect all-rounder, Whether it be fishing for smaller species such as Roach and Skimmers or Hard fighting fish such as F1's & Small Carp this rod will handle both with ease! The rod features a very soft forgiving action meaning hook pulls are reduced to a minimum. The rod also incorporates a number of key features that you'd normally expect from a high end product, these include our Flat handle design, SEA Guides, Hook Keep ring & stylish modern graphics.


The 10ft Supera SL is suitable for casting weights upto 30g to a range of 25-30m meaning it covers a wide range of situations making it the perfect choice for the Angler who does a multiude of different styles of fishing.


Supplied with 3 Carbon Tips 0.5,0.75,1oz

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P0070026 Carbon Active Supera SL 10ft

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