Absolute whips

Absolute whips
A dedicated range of seven lightweight telescopic whips with solid carbon flick tips, ideal for catching big numbers of small fish. Featuring a fast action tip coupled with stiffer lower sections which allows you to quickly extract small fish from the feeding shoal with minimum fuss.

Classy graphics and a quality finish as you would expect from any product bearing the Absolute name.


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Code Description
ABWHIP/2MAbsolute Whip - 2m
ABWHIP/2.5MAbsolute Whip - 2.5m
ABWHIP/3MAbsolute Whip - 3m
ABWHIP/3.5MAbsolute Whip - 3.5m
ABWHIP/4MAbsolute Whip - 4m
ABWHIP/4.5MAbsolute Whip - 4.5m
ABWHIP/5MAbsolute Whip - 5m

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