Response Whips

A fantastic new range Whips which have been developed to meet the vigarious demands of catching large weights of Silverfish. Each Whip within the Response range Incorporates a solid flick tip which is perfect for catching small fish at speed. Every Whip features a super slim design making them extremely easy to handle, it also means that teh whips are extremely light weight perfect for holding for long periods of time.

The Response Whip range has three variations of length 3m, 4m & 5m. These options in length give the Angler the perfect Whip for every situatiuon, whether it be Whip fishing on a Canal or Fishing for large bags of Dace on a River the Response Whip range will do it all. 

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P0240048Response 3m Whip
P0240049Response 4m Whip
P0240050Response 5m Whip

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