Absolute Window Feeder - Caged

A completely new concept in Feeder design, the Absolute Window Cage Feeder can essentially be fished the same as a conventional meshed feeder but at extreme range.

Cage feeders are one of the most effective feeders for natural waters, but over the last few years Window Feeders have become an increidbly popular feeder deisgn. So, we decided to work on a deisgn that incorporated the benefits of a Window, but have the advantages of a cage feeder. Thus, the development and creation of the Absolute Window Caged Feeder!

With the weight forward design, you can introduce neat groundbait further than ever before leaving a cloud through the water column, attracting fish into the peg.

Available in three feeder sizes; Small, Medium and Large, with varying weights from 30g to 60g.

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Code Description
P0050055Absolute Window Feeders Caged - Small 20g
P0050056Absolute Window Feeders Caged - Medium 30g
P0050057Absolute Window Feeders Caged - Large 75g
P0050033Absolute Window Feeder Caged - Small 30g
P0050034 Absolute Window Feeder Caged - Small 45g
P0050035Absolute Window Feeder Caged - Small 60g
P0050036Absolute Window Feeder Caged - Medium 45g
P0050037Absolute Window Feeeder Caged - Medium 60g
P0050038Absolute Window Feeder Caged - Large 45g
P0050039Absolute Window Feeder Caged - Large 60g
P0050124Absolute Window Feeder Caged - Large 30g
P00500122Absolute Window Feeder Caged - XL 30g