Claw Feeders

This unique feeder is especially designed for running water, the anchors allow it to ‘grip’ the river bed in strong currents where it would often not be possible with a standard feeder. The double connection points allow you to fish the feeder static or by drifting the feeder through the swim at a slow pace.

To fish static you mount the line to the braided loop, this offers a fixed presentation as the anchors will grip in the river bed.

For drift fishing, or slowly moving the feeder along the bottom you mount the line to the small loop in between the anchors. This way the anchors are reversed which allows your cage move, resulting in a slow moving presentation which can be excellent on certain days.

Available in 60g, 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g, 110g & 120g (One size)

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Code Description
PGR/60Claw Feeder - 60g
PGR/70Claw Feeder - 70g
PGR/80Claw Feeder - 80g
PGR/90Claw Feeder - 90g
PGR/100Claw Feeder - 100g
PGR/110Claw Feeder - 110g
PGR/120Claw Feeder - 120g