Elasticated Dura Banjo Feeders

Masterminded by commercial expert Andy Findlay, this new style of feeder literally provides ‘dinner on a plate’ for commercial carp.

The way the Banjo feeder is loaded with the hookbait in the middle of the circular plate, and the way it deposits the feed pellets by forcing them to erupt out, covering the feeder and leaving the hookbait sitting dead centre, provides the perfect presentation every time as the area of feed is so confined.

There are no ribs on the design, that would normally be exposed above the broken down pellets, so that browsing carp don’t get spooked. Instead all the wary fish will see is a compact pile of offerings that will be hoovered with devastating effect.

When fully loaded the unique shape of the Banjo Feeder with its long stem and circular body, also creates the perfect weight forward aerodynamic set up which delivers fantastic casting accuracy and increases range.

The Elasticated Dura Banjo Feeders feature a 60mm stem pre-fitted with 'Dura Hollo Elastic' and Quick Change Bead. Enabling you to change hooklengths in seconds, perfect for when swapping between various hooks/hooklengths and hair rigs, such as bait bands, Rapid Stops, etc.

The innovative ICS system makes feeder fishing that bit easier, and quicker. To change between feeder sizes and weights simply remove the weight via the centrally located groove and slide it up the stems. The elasticated stem remains on the line which allows you to alternate your feeder size and weight without having to reassemble your rig. Simplicity itself!


Quick Change Feeder Bead

Two elasticated stem options, Light and Standard


The Banjo feeder will be available in both inline and elasticated options. There are three frame sizes to choose from, the Micro is ideal for F1's and small carp, especially in the colder months when you need to regulate your feeding.


The Small is a superb all round feeder, can be used on a wide variety of venues and for a vast range of species, such as carp and F1's on commercials and even for bream and skimmers on natural venues like reservoirs and lakes.


The Large size will undoubtedly be the choice during the summer months when the fish require more bait. Each frame size will be available in three weight options, 20g, 30g and 45g!




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Other Languages...

Code Description
PBFE/MC20Micro - 20g
PBFE/MC30Micro - 30g
PBFE/MC45Micro - 45g
PBFE/S20Small - 20g
PBFE/S30Small - 30g
PBFE/S45Small - 45g
PBFE/L20Large - 20g
PBFE/L30Large - 30g
PBFE/L45Large - 45g