In-Line Dura Flat Method

The In-Line Dura Flat Method is the perfect feeder option for carp, skimmers and F1's on a wide variety of commercial and natural venues. Available in two different sizes Small and Large, covering a wide range of your feeder needs.

As part of the ’Interchange System’ the Dura Flat Method Feeder allows the angler to alternate feeder sizes and weights without disassembling the entire rig. The stem then remains on the line allowing the feeder to be changed quickly and easily via the centrally located groove.

ace Des Shipp loves the Dura Method Feeders;

 "The method feeder is one of the deadliest tactics on commercial fisheries, it has own me countless matches and will always ahve a place in my arsenal. Now, have taken them to a whole new level with the Dura Method Feeders. They have eveolved the simple method feeder and improved the feeders shape, durability and overall efficiency thanks to the clever ICS system".

The Dura Flat Method Feeders have been redesigned with a new rib configuration, leaving the perfect sized area to place your hookbait.

Simply place a small amount of groundbait or pellets in the relevant Quick Release Method Mould, place the hookbait in the middle and then fill to the top. Compress the feeder in to the bait, push the release button and you have the perfectly set trap.

The Dura Method and ‘Interchange System’ also protect your rods when packed away, simply remove your feeder and wind in any slack line until the tail rubber rests against the tip ring of your rod. No more inline feeders damaging your rod blank in transit.

Key Features

  • ICS Compatibility
  • Strong and durable frame structure
  • Compatible with existing Quick Release Method Moulds
  • Splayed frame design
  • Weight forward loading improves both casting and accuracy
  • Perfect for groundbait and pellets
  • Supplied with spare stem & quick change bead
  • Durable tail rubber
  • Camouflage colour
  • Base grips for increased stability
  • Several size options to cover wide range of distances

NOW AVAILABLE in a NEW XL size, adding even more versatility and feeder options to this popular feeder.

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Other Languages...

Code Description
PDFM/S20In-Line Dura Flat Method - Small 20g
PDFM/S30In-Line Dura Flat Method - Small 30g
PDFM/S45In-Line Dura Flat Method - Small 45g
PDFM/L20In-Line Dura Flat Method - Large 20g
PDFM/L30In-Line Dura Flat Method - Large 30g
PDFM/L45In-Line Dura Flat Method - Large 45g
P0040062In-Line Dura Flat Method - XL 30g
P0040063In-Line Dura Flat Method - XL 45g
P0040064 In-Line Dura Flat Method - XL 60g