Inline Cage Feeder

The ICS Inline Cage Feeders allow you to alternate feeder sizes and weights without disassembling the entire rig. The Inline Cage Feeders are compatible with the full range of Interchange feeders and products.

Featuring a wide lead which improved stability the ICS Inline Cage Feeders have been revamped and now feature a durable plastic frame which not only helps casting and accuracy, but also guarantees that the weight transfer is to the base which means your feeder lands the right way up every cast.

The Inline Cage Feeders aren't just targeted for commercials. they're also perfect for natural venues like lakes, rivers and canals. you can also use our Inline Cage Feeders traditionally by swapping the inline ICS stem to the ICS Swivel Stem Kit.

The streamlined profile ensures the feeders cast well and do not spin up on retrieve whilst the super strong construction means they can be used session after session.


Available in;

Small 20g and 30g

Medium 20g, 30g and 45g

Large 30g and 45g


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Code Description
P0040043Small 20g
P0040044Small 30g
P0040045Medium 20g
P0040046Medium 30g
P0040047Medium 45g
P0040048Large 30g
P0040049Large 45g