Inline Pellet Feeder

Available in three body sizes, the ICS In-line Pellet Feeders are perfect for introducing small pellets and particles into your swim.

Use in conjunction with a short 10cm hooklength for maximum effectiveness.

The plastic and lead combination allows the feeder to be cast accurately but more importantly, means that the feeder always lands the correct way up.

We've spent a long time working on the bead placement and ultimately developed a recessed bead which means that the stem and bead actually sits up into the frame of the feeder. This reduces the chance of your hook tangling around the loop of your hooklength and also aids the streamlined shape of the feeder aiding both casting distance and accuracy.

The ICS system allows you to quickly and easily change feeder throughout your session, simply slide the tail rubber off the stem, slide the feeder up on to the line, remove via the groove on the feeder and then replace with alternative ICS product.

The ICS Pellet Feeder completes the ICS System and adds even more versatility to this extensive range of interchangable feeders and leads.

Available in;

Small 20g & 30g

Medium 20g, 30g & 45g

Large 30g & 45g

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Code Description
P0040050Small 20g
P0040051Small 30g
P0040052Medium 20g
P0040053Medium 30g
P0040054Medium 45g
P0040055Large 30g
P0040056Large 45g