carp colours rigs

The Carp Colours range of rigs has been constructed using the same high quality components used by top match anglers throughout the country. The combination of the Colours range floats, barbless PR hooks and ultra strong REFLO Power make these rigs perfect for commercial fisheries where strength and reliability are essential. Full shotting instructions are printed on the reverse of the packaging and all are wound on to a Pop-up Slider winder

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Code Description
PCGOLRIG/12Gold rig 12
PCGOLRIG/14Gold Rig 14
PCORRIG/12Orange rig 12
PCORRIG/14Orange rig 14
PCWHRIG/12White Rig 12
PCWHRIG/14White Rig 14
PCWHRIG/16White Rig 16
PCYELRIG/14Yellow rig 14
PCYELRIG/16Yellow rig 16
PCBLRIG/02Blue rig 0.2g
PCBLRIG/03Blue rig 0.3g
PCBLRIG/05Blue rig 0.5g
PCGRRIG/05Green Rig 0.5g
PCGRRIG/075Green Rig 0.75g
PCPURIG/01Purple Rig 0.1g
PCPURIG/02Purple Rig 0.2g
PCRERIG/03Red Rig 0.3g
PCRERIG/04Red Rig 0.4g
PCSIHRIG/01Silver Heavy Rig 0.1g
PCSIHRIG/02Silver Heavy Rig 0.2g
PCSIHRIG/03Silver Heavy Rig 0.3g
PCSILRIG/01Silver Light Rig 0.1
PCSILRIG/02Silver Light Rig 0.2g
PCSILRIG/03Silver Light Rig 0.3g