Tyson floats have bodies coated in tough varnish and have been constructed using quality carbon and fibre glass for the stems.


Tyson Rig 1 - Shouldered dibber suitable for fishing large baits shallow, thick balsa tip with carbon stem.

Tyson Rig 2 - Round bodied dibber suitable for fishing with large baits just under the surface. With carbon stem.

Tyson Rig 3 - Slim round bodied float with a thick cane tip and carbon stem suitable for deep water with big baits.

Tyson Rig 4 - Diamond shaped body with a fibre glass stem suitable for big baits and deep water.

Tyson Rig 5 - Teardrop shaped body with a plastic bristle suitable for occasions where more sensitivity is required.

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Code Description
TYSRIG1/0.1Size-0.1g Hook Size-18 Hook Length-5lb Mainline-6lb
TYSRIG1/0.15Size-0.15g Hook Size-18 Hook Length-5lb Mainline-6lb
TYSRIG2/10Size-4x10 Hook Size-16 Hook Length-6lb Mainline-7lb
TYSRIG2/12Size-4x12 Hook Size-14 Hook Length-6lb Mainline-7lb
TYSRIG3/0.4Size-0.4g Hook Size-16 Hook Length-5lb Mainline-6lb
TYSRIG3/0.6Size-0.6g Hook Size-14 Hook Length-5lb Mainline-6lb
TYSRIG4/0.8Size-0.8g Hook Size-12 Hook Length-6lb Mainline-7lb
TYSRIG4/1Size-1.0g Hook Size-10 Hook Length-6lb Mainline-7lb
TYSRIG5/14Size-4x14 Hook Size-16 Hook Length-4lb Mainline-5lb
TYSRIG5/16Size-4x16 Hook Size-16 Hook Length-4lb Mainline-5lb