PT Match rigs

Produced to be used on natural rivers and lakes, especially European waters, but equally suitable for UK waters. PT Match Rigs feature PT Floats, the new micro-barbed PR Competition Hooks and Super Soft Slip Shot. The olivettes used are the new Line Through versions. Tied to 6m of top quality mono, these rigs are suitable for a wide variety of venues and offer convenience and quality.

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Code Description
PTRIG1/0.8PT Series 1 rig 0.8g
PTRIG1/1PT Series 1 rig 1.0g
PTRIG1/1.5PT Series 1 rig 1.5g
PTRIG1/2PT Series 1 rig 2.0g
PTRIG2/1PT Series 2 rig 1.0g
PTRIG2/1.5PT Series 2 rig 1.5g
PTRIG2/2PT Series 2 rig 2.0g
PTRIG2/3PT Series 2 rig 3.0g
PTRIG3/0.4PT Series 3 rig 0.4g
PTRIG3/0.6PT Series 3 rig 0.6g
PTRIG3/0.8PT Series 3 rig 0.8g
PTRIG3/1PT Series 3 rig 1.0g
PTRIG6/0.6PT Series 6 rig 0.6g
PTRIG6/1PT Series 6 rig 1.0g
PTRIG6/1.5PT Series 6 rig 1.5g
PTRIG6/2PT Series 6 rig 2.0g