Dutch Master Hair rigs with Quickstops Short (15cm)Barbed

A comprehensive range of barbed hair rigs ideally suited to the popular styles of fishing used in Holland and throughout Europe.
Constructed using a power eyed DM Series 1 barbed hook, each hair rig is tied using a tough reliable line, and features a Korum Quick Stop making it perfect for a wide selection of baits.
Available in three length options, the 6” (15cm) is the ideal choice for pole fishing, where as the 15” (38cm) and 30” (76cm) are perfectly suited to all styles of feeder fishing.
8 hooklengths per packet.

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Code Description
DMHR1SH/10Hook Size 10, 3.355kg/0.19mm
DMHR1SH/12Hook Size 12, 3.088kg/0.17mm
DMHR1SH/14Hook Size 14, 2.6838kg/0.15mm
DMHR1SH/16Hook Size 16, 2.136kg/0.13mm
DMHR1SH/18Hook Size 18, 2.136kg/0.13mm