Method Feeder 4"Hair rigs (10cm) QUICKSTOPS

A range of 4” (10cm) hooklengths, designed specifically for Method Feeder fishing. Featuring a PR-C1 circle hook, which is a pattern that has been adapted from a Sea Fishing style hook. It's a unique shape that virtually eliminates fish loss. Each hook is tied to 4” (10cm) of high quality reliable line, and is available with either a hair rigged bait band or a Korum Quick Stop. 8 hooklengths per packet.

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Code Description
PMFHRQS/12Hook Size 12, Strength 8lb 15oz/0.21mm
PMFHRQS/14Hook Size 14, Strength 7lb 6oz/0.21mm
PMFHRQS/16Hook Size 16, Strength 6lb 12oz/0.17mm
PMFHRQS/18Hook Size 18, Strength 5lb 14oz/0.15mm