Method Feeder Barbless 4"(10cm) BAIT BANDS

A range of 4” (10cm) hooklengths, designed specifically for Method Feeder fishing.  Featuring a PR-C1 circle hook, which is a pattern that has been adapted from a Sea Fishing style hook. It's extremely popular for this style of fishing thanks to its unique shape that virtually eliminates fish loss. Each hook is tied to 4” (10cm) of high quality reliable line, and is available with either a hair rigged bait band or a Korum Quick Stop. 8 hooklengths per packet.

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Code Description
PMFHRBB/12Hook Size 12, Strength 8lb 15oz/0.21mm
PMFHRBB/14Hook Size 14, Strength 7lb 6oz/0.19mm
PMFHRBB/16Hook Size 16, Strength 6lb 12oz/0.17mm
PMFHRBB/18Hook Size 18, Strength 5lb 14oz/0.15mm