The N30 features a medium wire gauge and lends itself to a wide array of uses, on the pole, running line and feeder.

The super sharp point and nickel black finish are two key features, along with the optimum shape. This shape and wire thickness is perfect for fishing with baits like worms, maggots and corn. This is a go to hook for a lot of feeder anglers. We found in development that a hook with a similar shape wasn't strong enough for modern day feeder fishing. This is why we've slightly increased the thickness of the wire and reinforced the key stress areas which actually causes the hook to bend out of shape.

The N30 is available from a large size 10 right through to an 18, so no matter hat baits and venues you target this hook will give you a wide variety of options.

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Code Description
P0150067Natural N-30 Size 18
P0150068Natural N-30 Size 16
P0150069Natural N-30 Size 14
P0150070Natural N-30 Size 12
P0150071Natural N-30 Size 10

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