The N40 is ideal for a wide range of pole fishing situations. The thinner wire and wide gape makes it the perfect shape for baits like worms, maggots, casters, pinkies.

This hook is an out and out small silverfish pattern that has been designed for species like roach, skimmers, perch and bream. The N40 features a super sharp point for increased efficiency and a subtle optimum nickel black finish.

Available from a size 20 right through to a 12, so whether you're bagging with silvers or having to fish with a more refined approach these hooks cover all options.

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Code Description
P0150072Natural N-40 Size 20
P0150073Natural N-40 Size 18
P0150074Natural N-40 Size 16
P0150075Natural N-40 Size 14
P0150076Natural N-40 Size 12

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