The N50 is the heaviest hook in our Natural series. This thick wire gauge hook is perfectly suited to tackling big powerful fish. This is a real animal of a hook and can land pretty much anything you're likely to hook, featuring an oversized spade and extra tough barb.

This hook is ideal for baits like worms, casters, corn, maggots and even meat. It's ideal for bagging sessions on a feeder and landing big bonus fish on a pole.

Available in a wide size range, from a whopping size 6 down to a ore refined 18.

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Code Description
P0150077Natural N-50 Size 18
P0150056Natural N-50 Size 16
P0150057Natural N-50 Size 14
P0150058Natural N-50 Size 12
P0150059Natural N-50 Size 10
P0150060Natural N-50 Size 8
P0150061 Natural N-50 Size 6

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